Word of GOD – Promise of the Year 2020

”మీరు వెళ్లి ఫలించుటకును, మీ ఫలము నిలిచియుండుటకును నేను మిమ్మును ఏర్పరచుకొని నియమించితిని.” యోహాను 15:16

“నా ఆత్మను మీయందుంచి, నా కట్టడల ననుసరించువారినిగాను నా విధులను గైకొను వారినిగాను మిమ్మును చేసెదను.” యెహేజ్కేలు 36:27

“యెహోవాను ప్రేమించువారు బలముతో ఉదయించు సూర్యునివలె నుందురు” న్యాయాధిపతులు 5:31

“అతడు నీటికాలువల యోరను నాటబడినదైఆకు వాడక తన కాలమందు ఫలమిచ్చు చెట్టువలెనుండును అతడు చేయునదంతయు సఫలమగును.” కీర్తనలు 1:3

Rev Pastor Frank Anil Kumar

Experiencing CHRIST “THE LIFE” – Is Living CHRIST Like LIFE – Rev Frank Anil Kumar

The Kind of Life You Have, Then The Kind of Living You Live:

The Christianity is about experiencing the LIFE you have and living your life through LIFE (Jesus Christ). Heb 7:16,

Pastor Alfred Appaji

Battle of the Mind: How You Think Affects Your Life – Bro Alfred Appaji

What’s going on in your thought life?

The spiritual Warfare against your mind can be vicious. The most common battle comes in the form of imaginations and confusion. An evil imagination is a death wound formed in the soul that has its roots in the fallen corrupted nature of man.

Bro Israel Raju


Category: Spiritual Growth

One of the power laws of the kingdom of God is this, the seed knows what to do. After a dead seed is planted in the ground it knows what to do. Can you imagine that? Somehow it manages to spring into life and produce a harvest.

Sis M Renuka

Walking in the Spirit of Liberty

Category: Kingdom of God Culture

The Holy Spirit said to me, “Only the sons of God walking in the Spirit can manifest the kingdom of God.” Before the sons of God can manifest the Kingdom of God they need to understand the Kingdom of God is not coming, the Kingdom of God has already arrived.

Jesus was a kerux. A kerux, Greek for preacher, is an official representative of a government that heralds the expectation of a conquering king. Paul said he was both an apostle and a preacher (kerux) (2 Timothy 1:11). As the only begotten son of God Jesus was an apostolic sent one. He came announcing the arrival of the Kingdom of God and instructed his followers to change the way they thought about the Kingdom (Mark 1:15).